is a place
of conversations
and ideas.

Would you rather read a cool science article/discuss a piece of art/think about how tech changes globalization/understand a law of physics than watch tv? Have you wanted to talk about smart stuff with your geek friends and smart colleagues, and not have it be overrun with trolls and random cat pictures from people you barely know?

Coffeehouses might be for you. is a bit like reddit, but with the smart people you actually know. It lets us share ideas, get inspired and informed by people we know and trust - and to have conversations. Great conversations.

Its inspiration are the original coffeehouses in Europe in the 1600s, where much of the scientific revolution and cultural enlightenement took place. We have the internet now. It's time to bring all our ideas together again.

Getting into is simple - just find someone who's already in, and ask them to invite you.